For nature lovers eager to catch a glimpse of some of Europe’s most elusive wildlife this winter, SWAROVSKI OPTIK, a world-leading manufacturer of long-range optics, has shared four locations where unlikely species of animals can be spotted.This winter, wildlife watchers can search for Eurasian lynxes in Lapland, herds of bison in Poland, mysterious muskox in Norway and several species of whales in Iceland. To experience more and to get closer to nature, a pair of quality binoculars is a necessity and fortunately SWAROVSKI OPTIK offers a range of binoculars and spotting scopes ideal for all types of wildlife observation.

    1. Lynxes in Lapland
      Although famous for reindeer and Father Christmas, Lapland’s frosty winter climate is also the choice of home for a wide range of animals, including bears, wolves and the elusive Eurasian Lynx. According to Visit Finland, these beautiful cats have become more common in Finland’s forests in recent years, although they are hard to spot as their excellent senses of sight, smell and hearing enable them to keep well away from humans. Finland is a wildlife-watcher’s paradise as it boasts 40 national parks that are open to visit all year round. For more information, visit
    2. Bison in Poland
      Although more commonly associated with the plains of North America, few may be aware that bison can also be spotted in European countries such as Poland. Although hunted to extinction in the wild in the early 20th century, the European bison has since been reintroduced and can be spotted in forests such as the Bialowieza Forest, which stretches across Poland and Belarus. The best time to spot bison is during winter, which is when the creatures gather in larger herds and leave visible tracks in the snow. For more information on bison in Poland, visit
    3. Muskox in Norway
      Dovrefjell National Park in Norway is one of few places in the world where the mysterious muskox can be seen in the wild. The hoofed animal takes its name from being known as a “musky sheep-ox” and can weigh up to 400kg. Thanks to its unkempt appearancee, the muskox blends in perfectly with its surroundings so along with hiking boots and warm clothing, those keen to track down the camouflaged muskox are encouraged to pack a pair of binoculars. For more information on where to see muskox in Norway, visit
    4. Killer Whales in Iceland
      The freezing waters surrounding Iceland play host to a diverse range of marine life, including over 20 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises. Offshore, intrepid travellers have the chance to search for pods of killer, minke and humpback whales, and even the blue whale, which is the largest animal ever known to have existed on Earth. Those who visit during the winter months will also have the chance to catch a glimpse of the mystical Northern Lights, which can only be seen in high-latitude countries such as Iceland. For more information on Icelandic whale watching, visit

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Image 1: A pair of quality binoculars is a necessity for many when packing for a winter wildlife trip. Image courtesy of SWAROVSKI OPTIK.
Image 2: SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s CL Pocket Mountain binoculars in black.
Image 3: SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s EL Range binoculars.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK, headquartered in Absam, Tyrol, is part of the Swarovski group of companies. Founded in 1949, the Austrian company specialises in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market. The binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and optronic instruments are products of choice for demanding users. The company’s success is based on its innovative strength, the quality and intrinsic value of its products, and their functional and esthetic design. The appreciation of nature is an essential part of its company philosophy and is reflected commendably in its environment-friendly production and its long-term commitment to selected nature conservation projects. The turnover in 2017 was 146.3 million euros (2016: 140 million euros), with an export ratio of 91%. The company has around 950 employees.

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