Blog post by Cedelle Agyei-Kyem, GEC PR Company Intern

I am currently studying an Undergraduate business degree at Brunel University and unfortunately my first year was affected by the aftermath of lockdown which included a more hybrid-learning approach. Despite the uncertainty around post lockdown teaching, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to intern at GEC PR, a public relations agency specialising in working with travel, lifestyle, and business brands. PR is an area I was very interested in learning about.

My university degree was predominantly taught online, and the internship consisted of working from GEC PR’s office in West London, which was a nice change. The morning interactions and the conversations during the weekly task meetings played a big part within the experience. From the face-to-face meetings, I feel that I have built a true professional relationship with company Directors Fiona Anderson and Sarah Salord, who have undoubtedly made me feel welcome and created a safe space for me to learn in throughout my internship.

I was very lucky to receive first-hand insight on the ins and outs of PR and immediately put them into practice. For instance, by examining articles for client coverage, distributing press releases, and composing monthly reports for GEC PR’s clients. I was also involved in the social media aspect of PR too, by creating posts using advanced websites like Canva and Bitly, drafting captions and tagging GEC PR’s respected clients and hashtags; before distributing them across social media channels. No two days are the same, which made each day significant and interesting.

The overall internship experience was extremely beneficial. I have developed my thinking, my ability to time manage and to confidently take on difficult tasks. Above all these things, I have also acquired the very important skill of working under pressure. I have embraced every opportunity to learn and keep the knowledge I have gained throughout the experience.

This internship served as an incisive experience, and I would like to thank GEC PR’s Company Directors Fiona Anderson and Sarah Salord for making this worthwhile. I am truly excited to use the skills I have gained in my future career, and I wish them all the best in theirs.