Finding the purrfect birthday present or gift for the most discerning of cat lovers is trickier than, say, herding kittens. So, what should you buy the stylish cat person in your life who already has the coolest tabby in town plus the home to match?

Introducing Glamflaps! It’s the interiors launch cat mums and dads have been waiting for!

What are Glamflaps? Glamflaps are deluxe cat flap surrounds that glamourise cat flaps and add a touch of class or kitsch to any home.

Do Glamflaps fit all catflaps? Glamflaps are designed to fit all current Sure Flap, Petsafe/Staywell and Cat Mate cat flaps. With cat flaps fitted on glass, Glamflaps surrounds can be used instead of the usual round mounting adaptor. Catisfaction guaranteed!

How many designs are there? There are currently five Glamflaps designs: The Way Out ; The Sophisticat ; Le Brexit ; The Palm Door ; and the A-door-able .

Where can I buy glamflaps? Glamflaps can be purchased online at Glamflaps are also stocked in some of the UK’s coolest pet and gift stores.

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Photo Caption:
Image 1: The Sophisticat: The Sophisticat shouts prestige pussies only
Image 2: Le Brexit: Perfect for cats who like having control over their own borders
Image 3: The A-Door-able: The special one for the special one

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