Whilst being home to 26 atolls and over 1,190 islands, the Maldives is also made up of 99% tropical Indian Ocean waters. Thanks to its unique geographical location, Maldivian culture has been inspired by the Indian Ocean surroundings and the skills brought by early settlers from India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, as well as further afield from Arabia, Persia, Indonesia, and Africa.

With the safe travel corridor announced on 25th October between the UK and the Maldives, UK holidaymakers are able to travel to the Indian Ocean without quarantining on return. Visitors to the Maldives will be able to notice these influences throughout their stay in the local culture and adventurous activities they experience as well as in the sensational spas and romantic packages on offer. And to encourage and allow tourists to experience more than one resort in the Maldives and to enable longer stays, the Ministry of Tourism in consultation with the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has recently introduced facilitation of Split Stays between resorts and other tourist accommodation.

For those travellers looking to tick off a bucket list destination this winter or in 2021, Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation has provided six pillars which will help holidaymakers plan ahead and find their perfect holiday in the Indian Ocean nation.

The Thrilling Side of Life: Surfs Up On The Maldives’ Swells 
Unknown to many travellers, the island nation is a hidden gem for local and international surfers alike looking to catch their next wave. The Maldives surf season runs from mid-February to November, with 
each region in the Maldives having its own unique characteristics and offering different surf experiences to be enjoyed. For serious thrill seekers, choosing a stay at one of the Maldives’ resorts with its own wave break ensures uncrowded and limitless time in the water. And water sports enthusiasts will be pleased to know that windsurfing, snorkelling and jet skiing are among other watersports on offer at resorts throughout the Maldives. 

The Fun Side of Life: Discover Deserted Sandbanks, Swim With Sharks And Dance To The Bodu Beru Drum
There’s fun to be had whichever way you turn in the Maldives, with unforgettable daily excursions offered by resorts and guesthouses to undiscovered sandbanks or pristine reefs, as well as the chance to swim with whale sharks and manta rays. And cherished by those who have experienced a live performance, Bodu Beru (or ‘big drum’) is at the heart of any authentic adventure in the Maldives. Performances of 10-15 drummers, dancers and singers first start with a slow and steady beat that eventually increases in tempo and enthusiasm, with viewers encouraged to join in with the dancing.

The Colourful Side of Life: Experience The Maldives’ Underwater Paradise
The Maldives is home to 5% of the world’s reef area, with 250 species of coral teeming with over 1,000 species of fish. Travellers can choose to snorkel or dive throughout their holidays and dive centres can be found on guesthouse islands, as well as at each resort, whilst Liveaboards carry their own snorkelling equipment and offer dedicated dive tours. Those looking for a leisurely snorkel can wade from the beach to the reef on most islands and for more adventurous travellers, the Maldives is home to an abundance of dive schools where dive guides can arrange a schedule of diving courses to meet all levels of experience.

The Spiritual Side of Life: Sensational Spas In The Maldives
For travellers looking to wind down after a day of sun, the Indian Ocean nation is bursting with wellness experiences for guests seeking the ultimate rest and relaxation. Famous for its spas, the Maldives is home to some of the world’s most luxurious offerings, including under-the-sea treatment rooms, spas built on stilts over crystal-clear lagoon waters and tropical garden spas, each offering a world of serenity for spirituality seekers.

The Maldivian Side of Life: Uncover Local Culture, Cuisine And Craft 
Visit any one of the country’s 200 inhabited islands and observe an abundance of authentic Maldivian culture. Shaped by the unique make-up of the tropical islands and the sea that surrounds them, Maldivian culture, cuisine and craft have been inspired by the Indian Ocean surroundings and the skills brought into the nation by early settlers from India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, as well as further afield from Arabia, Persia, Indonesia, and Africa. Visitors looking for an authentic adventure can discover ‘The Maldivian Side of Life’ when visiting a locally inhabited island and lounging on one of the joalis near the beach or relaxing over a hot black tea and eating “short eats” in a seaside café. Travellers can also experience the relaxed attitude of islanders and stroll along the beach to engage with the locals and get an insight into their lives.

The Romantic Side of Life: Tread The Coralline Sand Beaches Hand in Hand
As one of the most desired locations for a romantic getaway, the Maldives is dedicated to romance with its bungalows nestled in tropical enclaves and over-water villas looking out onto the horizon. For couples eager to relax and reconnect on the beach during their holiday or honeymoon, the powder-fine coralline beaches in the Maldives are extremely rare, making up only 5% of the world’s beaches. The white sand shores provide a heavenly setting for couples to explore and due to the Maldives’ location at the Equator and flatness of the surrounding horizon, spectacular sunsets provide the ideal setting for a dreamy dinner date. For an extra special treat during a honeymoon or romantic break, couples may also be lucky enough to spot glowing bioluminescent plankton, known locally as the ‘sea of stars’ in the Maldives’ warm coastal waters if they head to the shore after dark.

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Photo 1: Discover ‘The Thrilling Side of Life’ when surfing in the Maldives.
Photo 2: Bodu Beru performers in the Maldives. 
Photo 3: Experience ‘The Spiritual Side of Life’ at one of the Maldives’ sensational spas, like that on offer at the Nautilus Maldives. 
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