Travelling with children certainly adds to the holiday admin list, and with the extra paperwork now needed to fly abroad, there are even more things to think about before departing.

We travelled as a family of four from London to the South of France in August, and we all agreed it was worth the additional admin. After a year of not seeing our French family and friends in person, we were all thrilled to finally spend some quality time together and to explore new surroundings.

Here are some products I found useful during the journey and whilst away, which all helped the holiday run just a little smoother.

  • At the Airport – With all the bags and extra paperwork checks, it’s difficult to keep an eye on what little hands are touching so I like to keep some child-friendly hand sanitiser in my bag. The adult sanitisers are sometimes too strong for children’s hands, so I use a child-safe, alcohol-free sanitiser. A favourite of mine is Green People Organic Hand Sanitiser which is safe for sensitive skin and has a more pleasant smell.
  • During the Flight – Asking a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old to sit still on a plane is not an easy task and for some reason even more so when a plane is taxiing on the runway…. So, to keep them seated and calm, I download child-friendly apps onto my mobile or laptop to keep mine entertained and help their development. I found Kiddopia and KidloLand to be two great options providing a range of educational and interactive activities such as puzzles, songs and games, and they also work without Wi-Fi so can be used throughout the flight. For activities away from a screen, the Mess-Free Colouring Sets from Crayola allow all the creative fun but without the clearing up.
  • During the Day – To keep my children hydrated, I use the MontiiCo Mini Drink Bottle which comes in a range of fun, bright colours and keeps liquid cool for at least 12 hours thanks to the double wall insulation. The bottles also come with the option of a sport lid or flip lid, are leak proof when closed, and both the bottle and packaging are 100% recyclable.
  • At Night – Mosquito bites can be a problem for any family member, especially toddlers, but the usual anti-mosquito sprays don’t have an appealing smell and can be sticky. The insect repellent bio-bracelets from The Mosquito Company are brilliant and really helped reduce the number of night-time bites on my youngest daughter. The bracelets come in a range of colours and can be worn around the wrist, ankle or even as a hair tie and protect for 250 hours.