Women in Travel CIC, the social enterprise dedicated to empowering women though employability and entrepreneurship in the travel industry, will this month host two events for BAME travel professionals and those who aspire to join the travel industry.

As part of BAME Women in Travel’s April schedule, intuitive business and lifestyle coach Tracy Durrant will host a live webinar on 24th April 2019. Tracy is the Amazon International best-selling author of ‘Plan It Now! Quit the Burnout Business & Become a Creative Entrepreneur’ and during the webinar crucial tips on how to plan, launch and grow a thriving travel business will be shared. The webinar is free for registered attendees and will be moderated by Eulanda Shead Osagiede, Executive Director of BAME Women in Travel.

On 29th April 2019, BAME Women in Travel will also host its first mentoring session with author and travel influencer Esra Alhamal, a Saudi travel content creator based in London. Taking place at the Georgian House Hotel in London, the event will see Esra talk about how she sustainably transitioned into a lifestyle filled with travel by creating various streams of income within and outside of the travel industry. The event requires pre-registration and tickets are available to purchase at www.bit.ly/conversewithEsra.

The events in April will mark the first of several sessions already planned by the new BAME Women in Travel initiative, which was officially launched during an evening event at the Royal Society of Arts in London on 11th March 2019. The initiative assists black, Asian and minority ethnic women in the travel and tourism industry to fulfil their economic and individual potential through customised training and mentoring services aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and employment.

Speaking about the upcoming events, Eulanda Shead Osagiede, Executive Director of BAME Women in Travel said: “The Women in Travel team is excited to kick off a dynamic lineup of resourceful events targeted at early to advanced career-stage women in the travel and tourism industry. We plan to continue assessing the needs of the BAME community and will add additional workshops and seminars as the year progresses.”

To register for BAME Women in Travel’s free ‘Plan, Launch and Grow your Travel Business’ webinar with Tracy Durrant on 24th April 2019, please visit www.bit.ly/BAME-Travel-webinar-April.

To buy tickets for BAME Women in Travel’s ‘In Conversation with Esra Alhamal: Traveller, Content Creator, and Artist’ talk on 29th April 2019, or for further information on the event, visit www.bit.ly/conversewithEsra.

For further information on Women In Travel, visit www.womenintravelcic.com.



Image Captions:
Image 1: Tracy Durrant, best-selling author and intuitive business and lifestyle coach.
Image 2: Eulanda Shead Osagiede, Executive Director of BAME Women in Travel.
Image 3: Esra Alhamal, author and travel influencer.

About Women in Travel
Launched by Alessandra Alonso in 2014, Women in Travel (CIC) started life as a gender focused platform at World Travel Market in London. Growing successfully from then onwards, in 2017 it was incorporated as a social enterprise, meaning a commercial company that reinvests all profits into its mission. Women in Travel hosts events with partners at World Travel Market, in London, Dubai (Arabian Travel Market) and Cape Town (WTM Africa) and Sao Paulo WTM Latin America but also engages with other organisations such as Travel Tech Lab, Hotelympia and more. In the latter part of 2017 Women in Travel held a BAME focused women entrepreneurs’ event and more recently has proudly launched women returners services working with Crisis UK to get women back into travel, tourism and hospitality jobs. Alessandra Alonso, Founder of the Women in Travel Meetup, is also Chief Mentor and Strategic Consultant at Everyday Mentor, an advisory business aimed at supporting individuals – especially women – and organisations in achieving their potential through customised, outcome driven interventions. As an independent consultant, coach-mentor and trainer, Alessandra Alonso has long-standing expertise and research in the field of women in work in the travel and tourism industry.

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