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Click&Boat Acquires Nautal, Its Main European Competitor, And Focuses On Further UK Growth

Click&Boat, the UK’s leading boat hire platform, has acquired its main competitor Nautal, reinforcing its international leadership as ‘the airbnb of the seas’, and growing its UK offering, now with more than 360 boats being listed for rental in the UK via the acquisition.

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Shhh… Click&Boat Reveals The Secret Late Summer Destinations You Can Only Get To By Boat

For intrepid travellers looking for their own slice of paradise, the boat hire platform Click&Boat has revealed four hidden late summer European destinations accessible only by boat. Continue reading

Boat Hire Platform Click&Boat Acquires Océans Evasion and Accelerates its Luxury Yacht Charter Offering

Click&Boat, the UK’s leading boat hire platform, has acquired its competitor Océans Evasion, active in the boat rental industry since 1995. The acquisition comes on the back of a €4m fundraising round last year and will enable Click&Boat to consolidate its leading position in boat rental and expand the range of its services, which will now include the offering of all-inclusive boating holidays.

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Skipper Or Sail Away On A ‘Skip-Gen’ Holiday This Summer: Click&Boat Reports 30% Increase In Brits Embracing The Latest Holiday Trend


It’s official: hanging out with the grandparents is the height of cool this summer… Grandparents looking after grandchildren is a fact of modern life, with Age UK reporting that 40% of the nation’s grandads and grannies provide regular care for their grandkids*. It should therefore come as no surprise that ‘skip-gen’ holidays are becoming popular with Brits. In fact, boat hire website Click&Boat estimates a 30% increase in summer bookings related to the trend. Continue reading

Thinking of Popping the Question this Summer? Click&Boat Finds Social Media Sharing Is Driving the UK’s Hottest Hotspots Engagement Trend

Back in the days ‘before social media’, research showed that the winter months were the most popular for getting engaged, particularly Christmas Day and New Year’s Day*. However, boat rental website Click&Boat has looked at its booking data over the last three years** and found that a significant number of summer bookings have been for engagements, driven by the need for the perfect setting for a wedding proposal, a trend in turn driven by social media sharing that is turning tradition on its head.

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Millennials Are Good News For Savvy Travel Companies Says Click&Boat

In recent weeks, it’s been quite the tale of doom and gloom for millennials, those born between 1981-2000. They have been blamed for a catalogue of ills, from the dwindling reach of traditional media and the shunning of big business products and office spaces, to the demise of the traditional summer ‘party holiday’*. Yet not all travel businesses have suffered due to millennial’s changing tastes. In fact, some travel companies have positively flourished, particularly those businesses such as Click&Boat that allow for spontaneous experiences or offer a steady flow of outstanding instagrammable photo opportunities. Continue reading

Click&Boat Raises €4M To Accelerate Its Global Growth

Founded four years ago, the online boat rental startup Click&Boat has grown exponentially, becoming a global leader in its market. A new funding round of €4m will enable the company to accelerate its international growth even further, notably through acquisitions.

Click&Boat, a boat rental startup, has raised €4m to expand globally. Founded by French entrepreneurs Edouard Gorioux and Jeremy Bismuth, the Paris-based company has rapidly become a global leader in an up-and-coming part of the sharing economy such as p2p boating, leaving behind its domestic and international competitors. Continue reading